Online Marketeer with Google Ads-Skills Medellin

Next level Online Marketeer at Premier Google Partner

You are an online expert. You have done everything: social media, email marketing, configuration and analysis of ads, SEO. It is not necessary that you are an expert in all of the above, but you have knowledge in any of these. Are you a strong expert in online ads? Well, we were looking for you! Because for our office in Medellín we are looking for an online marketeer with Google Ads skills.

What’s in it for you?

  • A challenging career with many growth opportunities.
  • Salary based on the market.
  • A lot of freedom to do your functions.
  • A close and friendly team with about 100 colleagues of all types, sizes and specialties.
  • Nice, modern and cozy office in the financial, commercial and tourist district of Medellin.
  • Unlimited coffee and tea.
  • Activities and outputs.

Wanna be an online marketeer @ Loyals

So, do you want to work in a team of experts where everyone builds brands based on their own experience and helps organizations grow? A good atmosphere, quiet and fun? Keep reading, maybe you're the person we're looking for. You are...

  • Someone with extensive knowledge of online marketing, with experience in advertising?
  • Are you looking for a next step in your online marketing career and have experience with Google Ads?
  • Do you have experience in configuring, managing and strategically applying Google Ads campaigns?
  • You're crazy about numbers, you analyze and back up everything with data, but do you also listen to your instincts?
  • Are you certified by Google?
  • Someone who looks beyond resources and focuses on the final outcome of our client?
  • A professional who would like to share their online marketing knowledge with their colleagues?
  • Anxious to learn and keep growing in the world of online marketing?

Upload your application then we will contact you soon. Who knows, maybe you're very soon #PartOfTheLoyals ... ;-)


We help companies to become even better in what they do. We do this together to build a strong foundation for their communication: online, offline and events. When the foundation is solid, they have the freedom and space to focus on what really matters. So online and offline communication. We don’t make this unnecessarily complicated. No endless strategic projects and "blah", but close links, quick thinking and above all just doing. This can only be done by not working for but working with customers. By giving each other the space and the confidence to do great things.

We are honest, straightforward and loyal like a dog. We empathize, never sit still and are boundlessly curious. We surprise, stimulate and come up with solutions that our clients have not yet thought of. We always get it done, no matter what.

Do you like it? We will be waiting for your request. Upload your application below.

Do you prefer to call us? No problem, call +57 3013189342 Do you want an informal meeting? Write to us at or visit our office.

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