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Sales Manager in Medellin

Looking for you in of our head office in Medellín.

You want to get the most out of yourself and your team. Challenging the targets of the sales team? That's what you live for. With all your years of management experience, you know exactly what your team needs to be able to perform optimally. Does this completely describe you? And does being a sales manager at an international brand communication agency seem like something to you? Perfect, we are looking for you in of our head office in Medellín.

So... what’s in it for you

  • A good salary
  • A challenging career with room to grow and develop yourself. As a person and in a team.
  • Plenty of room for personal input.
  • A close-knit team with a total of more than 100 colleagues.
  • Offices in Mijdrecht, Zoetermeer, Curaçao and Medellín.
  • Inspiring office in the heart of Poblado
  • Fun drinks every Friday

Are you our new sales manager?

We don't do a complete set of requirements with clichés. There are, of course, a number of pre's:

  • This will be your second or third management role.
  • You have an extensive network in the middle and large company sector.
  • Teamwork is king: you make a team even better.
  • That's why you always know what's going on within your team.
  • You have a good process and numerical insight.
  • Monitoring the quality, objectives, and results is an automatic process.

We like this, too...

  • A charismatic look - you know who you are and you can convince others.
  • You always apply the right tone of voice.
  • You are goal-oriented. Focus is key.
  • Always keeping your peace and patience? No problem with you!

About Loyals

We are Loyals - the brand communications agency for the world of tomorrow. Always looking for 'the next big thing', because the market is constantly changing. We don’t just want to keep up, we want to stay ahead. This means we can advise and continue to co-create with our customers. We make sure that they’re ready for the future.

We are built on a strong online backbone, but also believe in good creation, design and live (brand) events. Our analysts understand the power of data and know how to use this data. Whether it comes from social media, a website or an event.

It’s objectives that can help our customers to grow. That’s obvious. But we always start from the inside, the 'core' of the organization. Because if you work from the 'core', you’re always authentic, whether we co-create our customers’ brand experience or a new campaign concept. We do this according to the Loyals 'Cut the crap' marketing method.

Our specialists know exactly how to use the right marketing communication mix to achieve goals. They’re not afraid to change these products again if the market demands this. Because constant change also means constant opportunities!

Do you like it? We will be waiting for your request. Upload your application below.

Do you prefer to call us? No problem, call +573013189342 Do you want an informal meeting? Write to us at or visit our office. 


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