Change is the only constant in this world. And the internet is developing rapidly. That’s why it’s essential to not only regularly maintain your website, but also to invest in further developing and optimizing it. A maintenance contract offers a solution: in this way you are assured that your website is never overtaken by events. Our specialists will look at new opportunities with you and for points for improvement. They will do this for you of course.

The launch of your website is only the beginning. There are continuous opportunities online that you can respond to on your website. Will you take these opportunities? You’ll ensure a higher yield, reach your goals faster and go full speed ahead towards that dot on the horizon

STAY AHEAD of the game

Website optimization at Loyals

With website optimization we look at several things. Is your website easy to find for search engines? How good are your texts and images? Good to have a specialist in website optimization look at this.

Expand your website? That’s always possible with Loyals. Add a new smart function or add extra pages? We'll take care of it. Even if your website wasn’t built by us. Do you want to get started on maintenance or expansion of your website? You can do this with our customized Content Management System (CMS). With this system you can easily update your website in detail. Very handy.

We've got you covered

For website optimization with Loyals you can purchase a number of hours in advance. Does your website need an update? For example for adjusting prices, optimizing text or photos or further optimizing your website for search engines? Simple: send us an email with your changes and wishes and we will ensure it’s arranged!

The hours of the maintenance contract can be used for website optimization, website maintenance, but also for sending email newsletters via our email marketing module: Loyals Mail. You can format the newsletter yourself or leave it to us. We will put our specialists on it.

Good to know: at Loyals we log our hours. Working transparently means that you always know what we do and when we do it. That’s why you can receive an itemisation of our hours at any time. Good idea, right?

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